The story of US

The Story of US, that's The Uplift Society, not some television show, begins about a decade ago if not more. We imagined people as billboards and began developing a clothing brand that would promote confidence and positivity through that outlet.

Our first name was UnknownStaar which stood for Uplifting Noble Knowledgeable Nomads Obliging Wild Notions Striving To Attain Awesome Realities. With that, we began to create designs such as "I know no obstacle" "I strive for awesomeness" and many others that are minimalist in design yet impactful. We decided to stick to a basic color pallet of black, white, and gray because it speaks to how we feel about the issue of being positive. 

During this time we developed a logo of 3 stars with a question mark. This to us signifies that anyone is a star but it takes a team to build them up.

After so many years of tinkering with the wordiness of UnknownStaar as an acronym, we decided to rebrand as The Uplift Society or US if that's too wordy. With US we have continued to grow our original vision of using people as billboards for positivity along with hosting free community events to spread the message further.

TSDS was born. We like to say dope so much that we wanted to give the word a more positive spin so we began naming everything Dope. The Straight Dope Show, The Straight Dope Show Live, 2 scoops of dope, The straight dope store and so forth. Plus you have to admit TSDS has a nice ring to it.

The Straight Dope Show Live is a free day party in the summer months at random northern California neighborhood parks. We bring a DJ la droga recta and free food and provide entertainment because we love our community.

The Straight Dope Show is also a podcast presented by The Uplift Society available wherever you hear podcast. Its the podcast about whatever they want when they want to do it.Its hosted by El Uno from UnknownStaar and TraB the Wonder check it out.

For all other things UnknownStaar, The Uplift Society, and The Straight Dope Show click

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